Stuart's '91 E34 520i Auto

Here’s my 1991 E34 520i Auto in Sterlingsilber-metallic.

Bought in summer 2015 after being off the road for a considerable time.
Originally a UK car and brought to Ireland in 1995 from Liverpool.

Very original car with 110k miles on the odo.
Due to go classic next March so hoping to respray it this year.

Really? The paintwork looks very respectable to me!

Have a look next time you see it. Previous owner was fond of the brush wash and every panel has micro scratches. Tried a two-part compound and polish to no avail.

Did you use a machine polisher? If its at all possible to not paint it, it’d be the better option. I find my random orbital polisher isn’t capable of shifting certain scratches which a stronger machine would.

Yes used both a DA and a regular polisher. Had Shane in Carcraft look over it. When I described it to him on the phone he thought a polish might do the trick but when he saw it his opinion was that it needs paint.